I am a former member of country band with a strong interest in music, design and travel. I am also an avid advocate of freedom of lifestyle. I am currently travelling around the world and will be sharing my experience with you. While I always try to stay positive and share (mostly) the positive experiences, there might be some rants once in a while.

Three things you need to know for me:

  1. I’m just a regular guy with no particular weirdnesses, save for the watch I wear on my left hand (old habit)
  2. I enjoy spending time outdoors and enjoy running barefoot through the wet grass alone. It helps me think. Only me and my thoughts.It is almost as good as running 3 miles around the lake in the mornings.
  3. I hate over-doing things like overspending and overeating. Don’t see the reason behind buying stuff at inflated prices just for the brand. I am a frugal guy, who thinks that the stuff is here to be used by people. I value quality, not quantity. As much as it is difficult, I avoid overeating, especially during the holidays. Maybe because I was obese as a child, now I eat only when I am really hungry, not when I am bored.

So, enough about me. Feel free to come and visit this blog if you feel you share the same thoughts. Your comments and constructive advice is appreciated!

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