Crazy deal: Buy Your Winter Boots in Spring and Save BIG

Sounds crazy, right? Who on earth would need boots in the middle of the summer? And before you start imaging sweaty feet, friends laughing at you, and start questioning my sanity, let me explain.


Some of the hottest footwear deals of the year happen in the final weeks of winter. Truth to be told, I was quite surprised to find that the fall is not the perfect time to stock up on winter boots. You get the same high-quality, awesome, fashionable boots at a fraction of the price. Just bear in mind that you most probably won’t be able to find the best selection. As the end of the season approaches, the inventories are usually thin, but hey the prices are low enough to make for your time.

Men (myself included) usually buy stuff on demand. We need something and we should get it right away, no matter what. However, the budget-savvy take it a step further. Budgeting is not and should not be overwhelming task. All you need is just a little planning ahead and wise shopping habits.

Look in “Last chance”, “Clearance” and “Sales” section of your favorite websites. You and your family would be able to fill your closet with stylish boots at very affordable prices.


Many stores only sell some designs for just one season, meaning that your girl or wife can get designer boots at very affordable prices. Just after the end of the winter season the retailers sell at heavy discounts. And these are not only boots that are stylish and fashionable, but even work boots. I’ve bought some of my best work boots on sales. Don’t forget the designer boots deals. Last year my wife was craving for a pair of some-designer-boots but the price tag was way over what we can afford. Truth to be told she was quite unhappy as she fell in love with those boots. Long story short, I was able to surprise her with a pair of these mere few months later (and got enough money left to buy me a truckload of my favorite dark winter beer!).

The other good thing is that you’ll have a head start in the winter season. You won’t have to fight all the other guys at the beginning of the season, when everybody freaks over the first snowfall. You will be prepared with a closet full of boots and shoes.

Found a great winter boots deal online? Comment below and let me know about it!

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