JAGGAER Supplier Management Software

Deeper and more insightful supplier relationships with a flexible, intelligent supplier management solution.

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Software that streamlines data processes for enhanced collaboration and supplier relationships.

Why JAGGAER for Supplier Management Software

Engage suppliers with innovative insights and intuitive workflows to increase value across the supply chain. Manage risk with AI-driven predictions and discover new opportunities with a modern, cloud-based supplier relationship management software.

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JAGGAER’s solutions have allowed our institution to build strong relationships with our key suppliers, increasing our spend visibility and positively impacting our bottom line.
Jerry Fuller Assistant Vice President for Procurement
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Increase value with a strategic supplier relationship model.

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Implementation Options to Deliver Value Faster
One-size-fits-all approaches often fail spectacularly. Instead, our collaborative, agile approach identifies the right plan for your business, followed by a carefully crafted rollout and training program.
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Easy, Dependable and Flexible Integrations
A robust, dedicated integration framework connects JAGGAER to all your enterprise systems with out of the box ERP and 3rd party solution integrations.
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Easy Collaboration on the Supplier Network
Connect easily with all your suppliers. Manage communications, transactions, issue resolution and business processes in an organized and accessible supplier portal used by more than 4 million suppliers.
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Strive for Continuous Improvement
Start small and grow with JAGGAER. Start with registration and onboarding, then build out performance and risk monitoring and supplier development plans.
Solutions Built Around Your Business
Get a solution built for you and see results faster. JAGGAER focuses on your business challenges, processes and people to drive towards key milestones and business outcomes.
Go IT-Free with IaaS
Don’t burden your IT department or depend on their availability. JAGGAER’s Integration as a Service (IaaS) removes the need for internal IT resources so you can focus on business outcomes.
Improve Efficiency with Self-Service Portals
Digitalization of supplier collaboration ends your reliance on outdated communication methods. Work in real-time with complete visibility and build better relationships with your suppliers.
Holistic Supplier Management
Find the fastest path to achieve more supplier value. Count on JAGGAER’s expertise for best practices and advanced capabilities as you take on a more holistic approach to supplier management.

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Focusing on strategic supplier relationships leads to increased supply chain value. Speak to an expert to learn how you can modernize your approach to your suppliers.